Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Apple Pie..a must as a winter dessert, i plan on making this a few times this winter :)
You can make it with apples, berries or whatever you want.

Its just soo simple thats what makes it just so darn cool,
Just use sweet short pastry, granny smith apples, cinnamon and butter.

Grease pie dish and flour it.
Pre heat oven to 180 (degrees Celsius).
Line dish with pastry - cook briefly for 10mins.
Cook apples till half cooked - place in medium bowl, sprinkle with cinnamon and flour and brown sugar -mix.
Add apples to pie - dot with butter.
And either do a lattice top or full pastry top.

Cook for about and hour - until golden brown and apples are cooked.
(if edges are getting too dark, put some tin foil around the edge.)

Serve warm or cold, with ice cream or cream.

Enjoy! :)

First post ever...

Well this is my very first post...
Its hard to think of what to say, but i guess i will start with my week so far.

Oh gosh! Work is busy, and getting rather boring, im continually faced with the fact that i may never study..and just work forever..

My husband is sick :( which means that i 'have' to look after him..and that i will most likely get sick too.

I am excited for this week, only because i get Friday AND Monday off because of Easter..woohoo!
Might bake a new recipe, I have been thinking of doing a Almond Cake..but we will see how the rest of the week goes.

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