Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Hubbies Graduation

Super proud of my hubby, who graduated his Electrical Engineering Lvl 2 and his ETITO.
Was a lovely night, ceremony was long, especially the speeches, but was great to see my hubby up on stage getting his certificate :)
Awesome dinner as well, was a great night.


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Stupidness and things to look forward to

Well last night i totally smashed my check bone on the tap in the shower..mega fail..
Hurt lots!! now i have a bump! Hopefully no bruise :S
I'm hoping it wont bruise, because i have a few things happening this week.
My Husbands Graduation, for his Level 2 Certificate in Electrical Engineering, and another Cert.
So hopefully, fingers crossed, i wont have a bruise tomorrow night for that.
And i have a 40th Party on Friday, so REALLY hope i don't have a bruise lol

Besides that i think this will be a good week :)
I have done drawing for friends, and some Design of a poster for a Album release, over all it has been quite fulfilling for me.

I hope more weeks are like this! :)
Well back to work for me..naughty me for blogging while at work..hehe
(it is lunchtime though, so not super bad)


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Special project for a special lady

New drawings of a tattoo that I'm doing for a friend...

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Total fail

Ok so..i thought i would do something something creative the other day, so i started a new drawing, something i have been thinking of doing for a while now..

But i i thought i would share with y'all my EPIC fail..i must say i was sick and probably a bit i blame the cold..

So have a look and see if you can spot my mistake...
(hint its a spelling error)

Yeah so i fully cant spell 'Forever', and the worst thing is that i had it spelt right in front of me!! would think im blonde..

So i think i will start this one again, dumb thing is that i already did it in pen :(

Ah well...on better news, im getting better, finally :)
Went back to work today, was hard getting back into it, i think i rather like sitting on the couch and eating chips hehe and my hubby looking after me..well i have one more day of work for this week day then its a long weekend! woohoo!


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

oh Colds...

Well i haven't posted in a while because im a bit sick..just a cold, but it is interesting how they totally stop you from doing pretty much everything. Yesterday i spent nearly the whole day on the couch..and then when i was up..i just went to bed lol.

Hopefully i can go back to work tomorrow, but im coughing now, which is just dandy :(
So im not sure, i feel slightly better this morning, but who knows what can happen during the day..

Well im off to make myself a hot drink and eat Hubby promised to make me toast this morning, but he's not even awake yet lol.


****UPDATE: I got my toast with honey, and he even cut it into 4, how cute! :)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Some of my drawings

So i finally took pictures of some of the drawings i completed a while ago.
First one was for my Mother n Law and the last two were for my Husbands cousins in Australia.

So starting some new ones at the moment..a drawing of a tattoo for a friend and perhaps an illustration for something we are studying at Church..we will see.

My cold still sucks, not getting any better, but i know there are other people out there worse off, so im just going to suck it up! lol

Anyway im off to bed for an early night, have to get up early to help out at the V8's early tomorrow morning.



It ended up being a very slow and quiet Saturday..stayed in my pj's till 2pm hehe
So i did all the jobs, while my hubby did the grocery shopping for me :)

Then i decided to do some baking, not the Lemon Tart i thought i would do..but since it was a cold day..choco Chip cookies it was!

YUM..always warms you up, fresh cookies out of the oven..melted chocolate..mmm
Now since all the jobs are done, i can relax and enjoy the rest of the day :)


Friday, April 16, 2010

Lemon Feaver!

Well i saw this lovely recipe for a Lemon Tart the other day, so i thought i might give it a crack this weekend..
This recipe is from the website (under recipes)

Hopefully it will keep my mind off my cold :(..starting to feel more and more stink nose is now blocked and sore!

However im not too keen on making my own pastry..perhaps i will just use pre-made stuff (i know its cheating, but just shhh)

On other news, my husband FINALLY got his MBox - which is a recording device thingie, so he can plug in his guitar and mic and record himself lol..he has a project due for his study, he has to write and record a worship song, fun stuff!

He also got his weights in the mail :) so now hes going to be doing some workouts lol :P
(hopefully getting to a bit more healthier size)
He has been wanting these for a while now, so he is a very happy camper..

I just want to find my dress! No luck so far, there are a few possibilities in some dress shops in town, but they are all too short :S

So tonight..a lovely Friday night, i can relax and draw, and my hubby can play around with his new toys, what a happy night it will be YAY!


Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Well my 21st is in October, and im having a 50s theme cocktail evening.
Filled with tea, punch, cakes, CUPCAKES, pastels and jazz...

So that means i need a super cool dress..this is what i have found that i like;

This is from:

also from:

again also from:

So yeah this is pretty much the kind of style i want, just have to find the right dress..which is hard because my town is pretty limited. The other option is to get it made...we will see, i have to decide which style i want. (plus i have like a zero limited budget :(.. )

Hmm..well i still have ages till my birthday, so hopefully i can find something before then :)


Monday, April 12, 2010

Nooo sickness!

Oh getting sick :(
Every year when it goes from summer to autumn/winter i get a cold..and it sucks, coz its normally one of those, im here but im not getting any worse or better colds, so im stuck thinking im going to be sick for ever! ugh

On another note, im back at work for another week (as usual,im always working), and im starting to feel like i need another holiday already! Work is getting busier, which makes the thought of being sick worse..
This week i really want to do more projects, like start a new drawing or ACTUALLY PAINT something haha, don't think it will happen though, i think i will just be lazy and watch TV :P

The V8's are this weekend, which is just dandy for getting to work..there will be thousands of extra people coming to Hamilton, and that means traffic is going to be a nightmare, and because half of town is blocked off for the V8 track, i have to go the long way to work :(

Oh well, me and my mother in law are going to hand out pamphlets on Sunday during the V8's to promote our local Cafe - Cafe Agora - so yeah that should be a bit of fun.

Well best get back to work, and try to keep a smile on my dile..
Hopefully i will feel inspired to do something creative..keep your fingers crossed!



Well talk about answering a prayer lol, just after i posted i got asked to do a drawing for someone, yay! Now i just need to get to the starting the drawing part and im sorted :P

Friday, April 9, 2010

This is how far i've got...

So, this is my business card..
I am trying to do more Graphic Design out of work, like invites and odd jobs.
Its always nice to have something to do besides cooking and watching TV haha

I have done a few jobs, but not many lately, im doing my Sister in Laws Wedding invites and Stationary, Oh and my 21st could i 21 soon! yay

Its more fun doing stuff at home for people, rather than work, don't know why, it just feels more fulfilling, like i am really helping them, instead of just providing them with a service.

Hopefully this year i will be able to more design, so i can boost up my portfolio and improve on my design skills.

Just thought i would share some more designy stuff with you all...will upload other stuff i have done later..when i can choose what i want to show you all :)


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Early bird

Ok so got woken at 6:30am this morning :(
So I thought since I was awake, I would post some pictures of past drawings I have done, hopefully to inspire me to do more..

Its amazing the extra stuff you can get done when you get up so early, gosh I have already packed my bag for work, now just might go back to bed for half an hour lol.


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Goal: do more drawing!

Well I have decided that I will try do more drawing..last year I said I would try do a drawing a day, well that didn't work out :P

So perhaps I will just do them in my own pressure.
Yesterday I completed two drawings for my Husbands Cousins, their names all fancy, for their bedroom, turned out pretty cool I must say.

Was quite fun getting it done, and its always nice to see the finished product, however long it took me...

Also FINALLY finished my Mom's one of her name, in Baroque Victorian style.

Will post pictures of them later, when i get a chance to actually take the pictures :)

(the one up top is of my name..well the K anyway)


Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter time

Hot Cross Buns!

My Sister and I decided to make hot cross buns today..considering it is Easter and all :)

What a misson, was a tad harder than i thought. Took 2 whole hours to rise once mixed, then another 45 mins from kneading and rolling them into balls to rise again!
But it was worth it though, smelling the cinnamon goodness coming from the oven..heaven!

Definitely making these again, maybe next time with a larger time limit lol

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