Friday, April 16, 2010

Lemon Feaver!

Well i saw this lovely recipe for a Lemon Tart the other day, so i thought i might give it a crack this weekend..
This recipe is from the website (under recipes)

Hopefully it will keep my mind off my cold :(..starting to feel more and more stink nose is now blocked and sore!

However im not too keen on making my own pastry..perhaps i will just use pre-made stuff (i know its cheating, but just shhh)

On other news, my husband FINALLY got his MBox - which is a recording device thingie, so he can plug in his guitar and mic and record himself lol..he has a project due for his study, he has to write and record a worship song, fun stuff!

He also got his weights in the mail :) so now hes going to be doing some workouts lol :P
(hopefully getting to a bit more healthier size)
He has been wanting these for a while now, so he is a very happy camper..

I just want to find my dress! No luck so far, there are a few possibilities in some dress shops in town, but they are all too short :S

So tonight..a lovely Friday night, i can relax and draw, and my hubby can play around with his new toys, what a happy night it will be YAY!


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