Monday, April 12, 2010

Nooo sickness!

Oh getting sick :(
Every year when it goes from summer to autumn/winter i get a cold..and it sucks, coz its normally one of those, im here but im not getting any worse or better colds, so im stuck thinking im going to be sick for ever! ugh

On another note, im back at work for another week (as usual,im always working), and im starting to feel like i need another holiday already! Work is getting busier, which makes the thought of being sick worse..
This week i really want to do more projects, like start a new drawing or ACTUALLY PAINT something haha, don't think it will happen though, i think i will just be lazy and watch TV :P

The V8's are this weekend, which is just dandy for getting to work..there will be thousands of extra people coming to Hamilton, and that means traffic is going to be a nightmare, and because half of town is blocked off for the V8 track, i have to go the long way to work :(

Oh well, me and my mother in law are going to hand out pamphlets on Sunday during the V8's to promote our local Cafe - Cafe Agora - so yeah that should be a bit of fun.

Well best get back to work, and try to keep a smile on my dile..
Hopefully i will feel inspired to do something creative..keep your fingers crossed!



Well talk about answering a prayer lol, just after i posted i got asked to do a drawing for someone, yay! Now i just need to get to the starting the drawing part and im sorted :P

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