Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Stupidness and things to look forward to

Well last night i totally smashed my check bone on the tap in the shower..mega fail..
Hurt lots!! now i have a bump! Hopefully no bruise :S
I'm hoping it wont bruise, because i have a few things happening this week.
My Husbands Graduation, for his Level 2 Certificate in Electrical Engineering, and another Cert.
So hopefully, fingers crossed, i wont have a bruise tomorrow night for that.
And i have a 40th Party on Friday, so REALLY hope i don't have a bruise lol

Besides that i think this will be a good week :)
I have done drawing for friends, and some Design of a poster for a Album release, over all it has been quite fulfilling for me.

I hope more weeks are like this! :)
Well back to work for me..naughty me for blogging while at work..hehe
(it is lunchtime though, so not super bad)


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