Friday, April 9, 2010

This is how far i've got...

So, this is my business card..
I am trying to do more Graphic Design out of work, like invites and odd jobs.
Its always nice to have something to do besides cooking and watching TV haha

I have done a few jobs, but not many lately, im doing my Sister in Laws Wedding invites and Stationary, Oh and my 21st could i 21 soon! yay

Its more fun doing stuff at home for people, rather than work, don't know why, it just feels more fulfilling, like i am really helping them, instead of just providing them with a service.

Hopefully this year i will be able to more design, so i can boost up my portfolio and improve on my design skills.

Just thought i would share some more designy stuff with you all...will upload other stuff i have done later..when i can choose what i want to show you all :)


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