Thursday, April 22, 2010

Total fail

Ok so..i thought i would do something something creative the other day, so i started a new drawing, something i have been thinking of doing for a while now..

But i i thought i would share with y'all my EPIC fail..i must say i was sick and probably a bit i blame the cold..

So have a look and see if you can spot my mistake...
(hint its a spelling error)

Yeah so i fully cant spell 'Forever', and the worst thing is that i had it spelt right in front of me!! would think im blonde..

So i think i will start this one again, dumb thing is that i already did it in pen :(

Ah well...on better news, im getting better, finally :)
Went back to work today, was hard getting back into it, i think i rather like sitting on the couch and eating chips hehe and my hubby looking after me..well i have one more day of work for this week day then its a long weekend! woohoo!


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