Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Busyness Business

Work is busy, which is good, but tiring. Not much to say about that..

Cat has a name!! it is..dun dun dun.. LEONARD! its done, he is officially our cat now.
Here is the cat sitting on my lap for the first time, this included painful clawing :S

So we are now a Family! of 3 :P

Doing some design at the mo..not so inspired, will come back to this tomorrow.

Visited a friend in hospital tonight, and brought her husband some food, same as me and my hubby did last night. Sadly it doesn't seem as thought they have found out what is wrong, maybe they will tomorrow, fingers crossed.
So praying big prayers for her to get better, so we can hang! Hospitals are a laugh, but not as good and a coffee and a talk in your own home :)

Well me thinks i should head to bed, but i still have to get ready for work, which is not very exciting, so i think i will sit here for a while and vege. It is like the second to last episode of Lost, im kinda lost, but isn't that the point :P

So, two more days of work for the week, then its the weekend. I am going to help out at this event at Church, then go to my friends leaving party, then watch American Idol Finale!!

Well thats my rantings for tonight, off to watch Supernatural now..forgot it was on lol.


Monday, May 24, 2010

Good things do happen

Well here are some pictures of our cat, it seems it has chosen to stay, so we will keep it :)
Even though my husband is very allergic, he wants to keep the kitty, he seems to have a special bond with it - its so cute.

Here he is - our un-named kitty;

(This how he greets me every time i come home - please feed me, and a cuddle would be nice too :P)

Well this week has started well, got a few things going on that make it better, some design coolness and other things.
Super excited about a job i got asked to do, so this should be interesting to see how it turns out, this will be a big break for me - because its going to be seen in public :S

Hmm so going to make some soup tonight for a sick friend, then going to get down to this design!

Back to work for me.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Kitty Cat

The cat has the case of;
'What are these biscuits! i don't want these biscuits! Give me my jelly meat dammit'

So the cat that has chosen us, its still there, me and my husband are still feeding it, and it still sleeps in its box outside the back door - he is so cute, he talks to us whenever we walk into the laundry room or toilet..if you forget hes there, it gives you a mighty shock, im not used to having a cat sitting outside our door lol.

Well for the last week i have been feeding him jelly meat stuff..from a wee pouch, but that stuff is quite expensive, so i got some biscuits for him, and well he ate around the biscuits to have the jelly meat! Silly cat, its going to have to get used the the cheap stuff. You would think that a stray cat wouldn't be this fussy, but our one is!

My hubby got a new haircut and colour yesterday, he looks sooo different, but im liking it, i think it makes him look even more handsome! Its kind of alternative slash coool looking hehe

Well this week is MIGHTY COLD!! Winter is now here, and each morning the fog is getting thicker and im getting colder, thank goodness i don't take the bus anymore, or i would be freezing my butt off. Sadly there will be no snow..there is never snow here in Hamilton :( i wish it did snow..
I will finish my cup of tea then get back to work, and stay warm today, hopefully i will get something productive done today, i am printing a large photo for my Father n law, but otherwise, im not sure what today will bring.

(Sorry no photos today..don't have any new ones :( )


Sunday, May 16, 2010


Found these cool frames for dirt cheep the other day, so i got one for my Brothers birthday present and for my mum and dad, and for my mother and father n law.
Aren't they just so cool :)

So yeah..i made another purchase..i got BOOTS!!! YAY i have been looking for such a long time, i got lovely black leather ones, i just love them so much!

Sweet aye!! going to my Mother n laws for dinner, my Hubby has a few friends round and they are playing XBox and eating KFC ewwww. So would rather be somewhere else when they are all loud and shouting at each other, cant stand competitive guys lol!

well im off to hang the washing and say hello to out kitty cat outside, then go out :)


Friday, May 14, 2010

The week has come to an end

I'm alive! I survived this week.
Not much to say about it, but it was busy, stressful but ok. :)

Anyways, this morning i got the shock of my life - went to the loo..and on the windowsill outside the window was a cat! i looked closer and so did smooshed its nose up against the glass..cute, but scary too!
Well the same thing also happened to my husband, and he went to go see hi to the kitty, then he realized that it was the same stray cat that we fed a few months back. Well the poor kitty was riddled with fleas and nits and who knows what else..the worst thing was it has a HUGE open wound on its neck - probably from a cat fight :(
So my hubby took him to the vet to see what they could do, and they de-flead him and gave him an antibiotic now he is sleeping on our laundry (he smells soo bad) and we have to feed him till tomorrow morning, and then we have to let him go. He is a stray, and needs to live outside, we will just feed him if he comes for food.

Very sad..hopefully he heals up and gets better. Too bad my hubby is VERY allergic to cats, if he wasn't we would probably keep him.

So going to Auckland tomorrow for my Big Brothers birthday party, that will be nice.
Found the COOLEST present for him, and it was so cheap, so it was sweeet! Hope he likes it :P

Well im off to bed, finally for an early night - might actually catch up on some sleep.


Monday, May 10, 2010

Little frustrations

Well this week has started with a bang..i think it is going to be a looong one.
Many things to do and what seems to be, very little time. I try to make myself lists, so i can make time for everything, and everybody, but it just doesn't work.

I tried on my wedding dress today..haven't worn it in 1 year and 4 it was a bit tighter then it was before, but i got it done up..the trouble was getting it off! The zip got stuck..and it broke, it still goes up and down, but i think if i put it on again, im just going to have the same trouble :( very sad..had to use pliers to get the zip down, was a scary moment.
The reason why i was trying it on is because a photographer friend is doing a 'trash the dress' project and i wanted to do it..hence trying on dress..

Might have to rethink this one, perhaps borrow someone else's? Or brave putting mine on again, and risk it being totally ruined??? hmmm, something to think about. having trouble with mess, id like to think im a pretty tidy person..but its hard to keep the house tidy when your at work all day :( i LOVE a tidy home, the dishes done etc...but man its stressful to think that i cant have it all done..
I keep the lounge tidy, and the kitchen..but our study, man is it a mess..sadly i have no time, or energy to tidy it :P

However my husband and I did have time to go to the movies tonight, we saw Iron Man 2, was REALLY great, very mind numbing.. lots of action and fast moving things lol. Its nice to go out..

Well im off to bed, a rather late night for me, being now 12AM :( still have to make my lunch and then crawl into bed...Fingers crossed, once again that this week will be ok..not as hard as i anticipate it to be...perhaps i will update you all later in the week.

Night all.

Sunday, May 9, 2010


Yum yum cupcakes!
Made for my Husbands cousins Wedding..was a lovely day :)
And also wanted to say a very Happy Mothers Day to all the Mums out there!
And especially to my Mummy and my mother n law :)


Monday, May 3, 2010

Music Poster and bits and bobs

Did this poster for a friend-of-a-friend the other week..was fun to do something different for a change.
It is for a local Musician Matt Bodman, for his Album Release 'Burn'.
On another note..still sick, but a cold this came back with vengeance :(
So i worked all of today..but stayed out of peoples way, and tomorrow im having another day off..but i have run out of sick pay, so it kinda sucks!
Hopefully all i need is a relaxing day and a goood loooong sleep and then i will be all right :)

My brother graduated today as well, congrats Daniel! So we had a lovely family dinner and was real nice..too bad i felt like crap though. (Thanks Dad for getting my cold medication sorted :P even though i almost had too much paracetamol haha)

Well...Have a wedding to go to on Saturday, so will keep my mind off my cold by trying to choose what to wear..hmm thinking dress and tights and heals - since it is getting MIGHTY COLD now days..silly winter is on its way :(.
But Upside..long coats and boots and mittens and scarves - love it.

Well im off to bed early, to hopefully get better and wake up feeling refreshed..fingers crossed


Saturday, May 1, 2010


Well i pretty much had the worst night last night..was very sick and only got 3 hours sleep :(
But i didn't want the rest of my day to be a stinker, so i decided to make muffins!
(even though its raining, my day is already better)

Yum yum Banana Maple Choc muffins..made it up a bit, felt like chocolate, but had bananas that NEEDED using, and who doesn't like maple syrup! lol
Thank Nigella for the inspiration :)

So heres my ones...

They taste soo yummy..too bad a have a sick tummy, so wont be eating many :(
Better for my hubby :)


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