Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Busyness Business

Work is busy, which is good, but tiring. Not much to say about that..

Cat has a name!! it is..dun dun dun.. LEONARD! its done, he is officially our cat now.
Here is the cat sitting on my lap for the first time, this included painful clawing :S

So we are now a Family! of 3 :P

Doing some design at the mo..not so inspired, will come back to this tomorrow.

Visited a friend in hospital tonight, and brought her husband some food, same as me and my hubby did last night. Sadly it doesn't seem as thought they have found out what is wrong, maybe they will tomorrow, fingers crossed.
So praying big prayers for her to get better, so we can hang! Hospitals are a laugh, but not as good and a coffee and a talk in your own home :)

Well me thinks i should head to bed, but i still have to get ready for work, which is not very exciting, so i think i will sit here for a while and vege. It is like the second to last episode of Lost, im kinda lost, but isn't that the point :P

So, two more days of work for the week, then its the weekend. I am going to help out at this event at Church, then go to my friends leaving party, then watch American Idol Finale!!

Well thats my rantings for tonight, off to watch Supernatural now..forgot it was on lol.


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