Monday, May 24, 2010

Good things do happen

Well here are some pictures of our cat, it seems it has chosen to stay, so we will keep it :)
Even though my husband is very allergic, he wants to keep the kitty, he seems to have a special bond with it - its so cute.

Here he is - our un-named kitty;

(This how he greets me every time i come home - please feed me, and a cuddle would be nice too :P)

Well this week has started well, got a few things going on that make it better, some design coolness and other things.
Super excited about a job i got asked to do, so this should be interesting to see how it turns out, this will be a big break for me - because its going to be seen in public :S

Hmm so going to make some soup tonight for a sick friend, then going to get down to this design!

Back to work for me.

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