Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Kitty Cat

The cat has the case of;
'What are these biscuits! i don't want these biscuits! Give me my jelly meat dammit'

So the cat that has chosen us, its still there, me and my husband are still feeding it, and it still sleeps in its box outside the back door - he is so cute, he talks to us whenever we walk into the laundry room or toilet..if you forget hes there, it gives you a mighty shock, im not used to having a cat sitting outside our door lol.

Well for the last week i have been feeding him jelly meat stuff..from a wee pouch, but that stuff is quite expensive, so i got some biscuits for him, and well he ate around the biscuits to have the jelly meat! Silly cat, its going to have to get used the the cheap stuff. You would think that a stray cat wouldn't be this fussy, but our one is!

My hubby got a new haircut and colour yesterday, he looks sooo different, but im liking it, i think it makes him look even more handsome! Its kind of alternative slash coool looking hehe

Well this week is MIGHTY COLD!! Winter is now here, and each morning the fog is getting thicker and im getting colder, thank goodness i don't take the bus anymore, or i would be freezing my butt off. Sadly there will be no snow..there is never snow here in Hamilton :( i wish it did snow..
I will finish my cup of tea then get back to work, and stay warm today, hopefully i will get something productive done today, i am printing a large photo for my Father n law, but otherwise, im not sure what today will bring.

(Sorry no photos today..don't have any new ones :( )


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