Monday, May 10, 2010

Little frustrations

Well this week has started with a bang..i think it is going to be a looong one.
Many things to do and what seems to be, very little time. I try to make myself lists, so i can make time for everything, and everybody, but it just doesn't work.

I tried on my wedding dress today..haven't worn it in 1 year and 4 it was a bit tighter then it was before, but i got it done up..the trouble was getting it off! The zip got stuck..and it broke, it still goes up and down, but i think if i put it on again, im just going to have the same trouble :( very sad..had to use pliers to get the zip down, was a scary moment.
The reason why i was trying it on is because a photographer friend is doing a 'trash the dress' project and i wanted to do it..hence trying on dress..

Might have to rethink this one, perhaps borrow someone else's? Or brave putting mine on again, and risk it being totally ruined??? hmmm, something to think about. having trouble with mess, id like to think im a pretty tidy person..but its hard to keep the house tidy when your at work all day :( i LOVE a tidy home, the dishes done etc...but man its stressful to think that i cant have it all done..
I keep the lounge tidy, and the kitchen..but our study, man is it a mess..sadly i have no time, or energy to tidy it :P

However my husband and I did have time to go to the movies tonight, we saw Iron Man 2, was REALLY great, very mind numbing.. lots of action and fast moving things lol. Its nice to go out..

Well im off to bed, a rather late night for me, being now 12AM :( still have to make my lunch and then crawl into bed...Fingers crossed, once again that this week will be ok..not as hard as i anticipate it to be...perhaps i will update you all later in the week.

Night all.

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