Monday, May 3, 2010

Music Poster and bits and bobs

Did this poster for a friend-of-a-friend the other week..was fun to do something different for a change.
It is for a local Musician Matt Bodman, for his Album Release 'Burn'.
On another note..still sick, but a cold this came back with vengeance :(
So i worked all of today..but stayed out of peoples way, and tomorrow im having another day off..but i have run out of sick pay, so it kinda sucks!
Hopefully all i need is a relaxing day and a goood loooong sleep and then i will be all right :)

My brother graduated today as well, congrats Daniel! So we had a lovely family dinner and was real nice..too bad i felt like crap though. (Thanks Dad for getting my cold medication sorted :P even though i almost had too much paracetamol haha)

Well...Have a wedding to go to on Saturday, so will keep my mind off my cold by trying to choose what to wear..hmm thinking dress and tights and heals - since it is getting MIGHTY COLD now days..silly winter is on its way :(.
But Upside..long coats and boots and mittens and scarves - love it.

Well im off to bed early, to hopefully get better and wake up feeling refreshed..fingers crossed


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