Friday, May 14, 2010

The week has come to an end

I'm alive! I survived this week.
Not much to say about it, but it was busy, stressful but ok. :)

Anyways, this morning i got the shock of my life - went to the loo..and on the windowsill outside the window was a cat! i looked closer and so did smooshed its nose up against the glass..cute, but scary too!
Well the same thing also happened to my husband, and he went to go see hi to the kitty, then he realized that it was the same stray cat that we fed a few months back. Well the poor kitty was riddled with fleas and nits and who knows what else..the worst thing was it has a HUGE open wound on its neck - probably from a cat fight :(
So my hubby took him to the vet to see what they could do, and they de-flead him and gave him an antibiotic now he is sleeping on our laundry (he smells soo bad) and we have to feed him till tomorrow morning, and then we have to let him go. He is a stray, and needs to live outside, we will just feed him if he comes for food.

Very sad..hopefully he heals up and gets better. Too bad my hubby is VERY allergic to cats, if he wasn't we would probably keep him.

So going to Auckland tomorrow for my Big Brothers birthday party, that will be nice.
Found the COOLEST present for him, and it was so cheap, so it was sweeet! Hope he likes it :P

Well im off to bed, finally for an early night - might actually catch up on some sleep.


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