Wednesday, June 30, 2010

finally finished

So i finished my drawing finally, took me a while but i did it.
Used my new pens, which are way nicer to use than my old ones, same brand but just newer :)

Here are some photos;

Yeah so thats that.
Hopefully will be able to do some more this weekend, have a few ideas brewing around in my head. ( of possible birds and cages - maybe some swirly writing??)

News on the cat Oliver - he is doing well, very happy and playful, listening to us and remembering what to not to do. He had a big bump on his head the other day, which is sad, he has a wee bruise, but he seems fine, all his senses are working fine - and he's still playful :)

Im excited because tonight is the New Zealand premier of True Blood season 3 yuss!! and then tomorrow night me husband is taking me on a date to see Twilight Saga: Eclipse..yay!!! i know thats lame, but i sooo cant wait to see it :D

Off to have a lovely dinner cooked by my hubby (thanks my love) and to watch New moon hehe as a recap for tomorrow. Then True Blood!!! What a good night i have ahead of myself.

Hope you all have a wonderful night as well.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Finally my shoes for my 21st arrived today! Aren't they just beautiful..they don't totally match with my dress, but i will do something to fix that.

Just thought i would share that :D


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Some baking

Well its been a while since i have posted anything remotely to do with baking, so here its is..some cookies; Afghans yum yum :)

So there is all these changes going on with blogger, like all these new design things, but i think im happy with how mine is, after all this time i wanted something cooler, these dots are what i want lol.

Well out kitty seems to be having a we problem with his poopies..he dribbles a bit..its pretty gross, so the breeder is going to the vet tomorrow to get him some antibiotics, coz he might have an upset tummy (even though he seems completely fine??) I feel so sad, coz he is our little baby, and i don't want anything to be wrong, hopefully its just the upset tummy and then he will be fine..hope its not like an ongoing problem :(

Here is a new photo of him, with his new cardi that my husband and i made, its pretty cool lol

Aren't his eyes just totally beautiful! We love our gorgeous baby Oliver :D

Thats all for me, need to cook some dinner and give the kitty some cuddles.


Friday, June 18, 2010


UPDATE: Kitten is now named 'Oliver' we thought it suited him a bit better.

Also will be putting up some new drawings soon, my pigment pen ran out last week so i couldn't finish my drawing :( But im all stocked up now!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

We have a baby!!

Now now don't get to excited, its just a kitten! :P

My husband decided that because i loved Cats so much, that he is putting aside his allergies to have a cat. Sooo we got a little kitten named Jesse-James. Note: nothing to do with Sandra Bullocks ex husband, or the outlaw cowboy..he is just Jesse-James because thats what the breeder name him.

So we are a Family of four..for now, we are hoping someone will adopt Leonard, because he has such a strong out door cat hopefully someone will adopt him. We are making sure he gets just as much love (when he's here anyway..he's mostly away somewhere exploring)

So here are some pictures of our new Kitty - Jesse;

So there he is, isn't he like soooo CUTE!!!

So thats my latest news, amongst my busyness and work, we now have another cat :D

Thats me for now, my husband wants dinner, its sausages and bread! lol

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wintery Days

This week has gone by so fast, i know its a short week in all, but its already Thursday, so only one more day left and then its the weekend again! Gosh

Leonard the Cat ran away..and has recently come back, for food im guessing..we are really hoping that someone will come and adopt him soon, because he is becoming a bit of a pain, and i don't want to have to take him to the SPCA :(
Here is the link to his Trademe Page, so you can see.

The nights are VERY cold now..heaters and blankets are a must, considering our home isn't very well insulated :(
Last night i made chicken in the crock pot and made a new cake recipe for dessert.
Things that are a must on wintry days: Crock pot and Hot Desserts! mmmm

The cake i made was a Strawberry Jam Crumb Cake, that i found here on The Kitchen Sink Recipes blog. It didn't turn out very fantastic looking, but it sure is yummy :)

So i didn't want to take a photo of mine, so here is there's;

Next time im going to put more sponge cake into it i think!

Well this week is a busy one, lots on, and seems hectic, but im allll goood..for now haha
Meeting tonight and then need to do some fast computer work, so i can get some designs to people.

My lunch break is over now; So i better be off :D


Monday, June 7, 2010

Holiday day

Well its Queens Birthday here in NZ today, a day off work means extra coffee, extra relaxing and perhaps some shopping time with a friend.
I am on my search for red shoes, and even a better dress if its not too pricey. :)

My day started slow, woke up at 10am hehe then went to let the cat out..and he had peed fault really for sleeping in and not letting him out at 8am..owell. About to mop the floor..figured i may as well wash all the floors, since i cant remember when i did it last, how bad am i!

On a happier note: My husband and i have decided that we are going to save for a house..which just to save for the deposit will take approx. 4-8 years! but thats ok, we are saving :)
This is SUPER exciting for us! Now we have plans!! :)

Ok well i think the floors really do need there wash, i wont put it off any longer.
Thats me for now.


(sorry for no pictures again..didn't do anything picture worthy, well i did start a drawing but my pigment pen ran out, so i cant finish it :( ..)

Friday, June 4, 2010


I have just noticed...

I am an obsessive email checker! - like i totally have a problem.

That's all i have to say.


Thursday, June 3, 2010

not much time to do much stuff

Well sorry i haven't posted in a while, life has been quite busy, with work and just general stuff that has been going on.
Its feels like everything is going so fast, one day its Monday then its Friday all of a sudden..its good but bad, because it feels like im on auto pilot. I really need to pay more attention :S..i need to wake up!

I got my 21st dress in the mail the other day..its the right shape and all..but its black, so that means im going to have to get RED shoes hehe.
Here is a pic of my dress..a little sneak will have to wait till October to see the whole thing! :P

So this means i am now on the search for RED SHOES ^LOVE^!!!
Here is what im thinking, since its a 50s theme, i though satin, peep toe...

What do you think?? I have yet to find any good ones on Trade i think i will search in some shops now. If your from Hamilton, or know of any online places or shops please tell me :D

Anyways..the week is nearly over, and i have potential shopping and baking ahead of me, sounds good i think!

Update on the cat Leonard, he now has a fluro collar with a bell.
(but we have put him on Trade me - he is up for adoption :( but if no one takes him in a week, we are going to keep him! yay! :) )

That's about all for now, off for lunch.

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