Wednesday, June 30, 2010

finally finished

So i finished my drawing finally, took me a while but i did it.
Used my new pens, which are way nicer to use than my old ones, same brand but just newer :)

Here are some photos;

Yeah so thats that.
Hopefully will be able to do some more this weekend, have a few ideas brewing around in my head. ( of possible birds and cages - maybe some swirly writing??)

News on the cat Oliver - he is doing well, very happy and playful, listening to us and remembering what to not to do. He had a big bump on his head the other day, which is sad, he has a wee bruise, but he seems fine, all his senses are working fine - and he's still playful :)

Im excited because tonight is the New Zealand premier of True Blood season 3 yuss!! and then tomorrow night me husband is taking me on a date to see Twilight Saga: Eclipse..yay!!! i know thats lame, but i sooo cant wait to see it :D

Off to have a lovely dinner cooked by my hubby (thanks my love) and to watch New moon hehe as a recap for tomorrow. Then True Blood!!! What a good night i have ahead of myself.

Hope you all have a wonderful night as well.

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