Monday, June 7, 2010

Holiday day

Well its Queens Birthday here in NZ today, a day off work means extra coffee, extra relaxing and perhaps some shopping time with a friend.
I am on my search for red shoes, and even a better dress if its not too pricey. :)

My day started slow, woke up at 10am hehe then went to let the cat out..and he had peed fault really for sleeping in and not letting him out at 8am..owell. About to mop the floor..figured i may as well wash all the floors, since i cant remember when i did it last, how bad am i!

On a happier note: My husband and i have decided that we are going to save for a house..which just to save for the deposit will take approx. 4-8 years! but thats ok, we are saving :)
This is SUPER exciting for us! Now we have plans!! :)

Ok well i think the floors really do need there wash, i wont put it off any longer.
Thats me for now.


(sorry for no pictures again..didn't do anything picture worthy, well i did start a drawing but my pigment pen ran out, so i cant finish it :( ..)

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