Thursday, June 3, 2010

not much time to do much stuff

Well sorry i haven't posted in a while, life has been quite busy, with work and just general stuff that has been going on.
Its feels like everything is going so fast, one day its Monday then its Friday all of a sudden..its good but bad, because it feels like im on auto pilot. I really need to pay more attention :S..i need to wake up!

I got my 21st dress in the mail the other day..its the right shape and all..but its black, so that means im going to have to get RED shoes hehe.
Here is a pic of my dress..a little sneak will have to wait till October to see the whole thing! :P

So this means i am now on the search for RED SHOES ^LOVE^!!!
Here is what im thinking, since its a 50s theme, i though satin, peep toe...

What do you think?? I have yet to find any good ones on Trade i think i will search in some shops now. If your from Hamilton, or know of any online places or shops please tell me :D

Anyways..the week is nearly over, and i have potential shopping and baking ahead of me, sounds good i think!

Update on the cat Leonard, he now has a fluro collar with a bell.
(but we have put him on Trade me - he is up for adoption :( but if no one takes him in a week, we are going to keep him! yay! :) )

That's about all for now, off for lunch.


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