Sunday, June 20, 2010

Some baking

Well its been a while since i have posted anything remotely to do with baking, so here its is..some cookies; Afghans yum yum :)

So there is all these changes going on with blogger, like all these new design things, but i think im happy with how mine is, after all this time i wanted something cooler, these dots are what i want lol.

Well out kitty seems to be having a we problem with his poopies..he dribbles a bit..its pretty gross, so the breeder is going to the vet tomorrow to get him some antibiotics, coz he might have an upset tummy (even though he seems completely fine??) I feel so sad, coz he is our little baby, and i don't want anything to be wrong, hopefully its just the upset tummy and then he will be fine..hope its not like an ongoing problem :(

Here is a new photo of him, with his new cardi that my husband and i made, its pretty cool lol

Aren't his eyes just totally beautiful! We love our gorgeous baby Oliver :D

Thats all for me, need to cook some dinner and give the kitty some cuddles.


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