Tuesday, June 15, 2010

We have a baby!!

Now now don't get to excited, its just a kitten! :P

My husband decided that because i loved Cats so much, that he is putting aside his allergies to have a cat. Sooo we got a little kitten named Jesse-James. Note: nothing to do with Sandra Bullocks ex husband, or the outlaw cowboy..he is just Jesse-James because thats what the breeder name him.

So we are a Family of four..for now, we are hoping someone will adopt Leonard, because he has such a strong out door cat smell..so hopefully someone will adopt him. We are making sure he gets just as much love (when he's here anyway..he's mostly away somewhere exploring)

So here are some pictures of our new Kitty - Jesse;

So there he is, isn't he like soooo CUTE!!!

So thats my latest news, amongst my busyness and work, we now have another cat :D

Thats me for now, my husband wants dinner, its sausages and bread! lol

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