Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wintery Days

This week has gone by so fast, i know its a short week in all, but its already Thursday, so only one more day left and then its the weekend again! Gosh

Leonard the Cat ran away..and has recently come back, for food im guessing..we are really hoping that someone will come and adopt him soon, because he is becoming a bit of a pain, and i don't want to have to take him to the SPCA :(
Here is the link to his Trademe Page, so you can see.

The nights are VERY cold now..heaters and blankets are a must, considering our home isn't very well insulated :(
Last night i made chicken in the crock pot and made a new cake recipe for dessert.
Things that are a must on wintry days: Crock pot and Hot Desserts! mmmm

The cake i made was a Strawberry Jam Crumb Cake, that i found here on The Kitchen Sink Recipes blog. It didn't turn out very fantastic looking, but it sure is yummy :)

So i didn't want to take a photo of mine, so here is there's;

Next time im going to put more sponge cake into it i think!

Well this week is a busy one, lots on, and seems hectic, but im allll goood..for now haha
Meeting tonight and then need to do some fast computer work, so i can get some designs to people.

My lunch break is over now; So i better be off :D


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