Saturday, July 31, 2010

Busy week..but its a sunny weekend! Yay

My Pumpkin plant grew another leaf! Lol..its looking pretty good, considering that its winter, and i should even be growing it :P

I have spent the first half of my morning cleaning up after the Cat..we took him to the vet to get his diarrhea sorted..but nothing has changed just yet. I had to clean all the sheets off our bed, the duvet cover..the throw and the throw in the lounge..ugh! I really hope the pills work soon, or i think im going to go crazy!!

We also had to change his food, now he's on this really expensive stuff called, hills prescription diet..dumb..better work!!

Another note: Work has gone better this week, got a wee surprise from my boss..which we really needed. Simon has decided to get and job and stop studying..bold choice, but we really need the extra cash flow..and the pressure the study had on him was just a bit too much unfortunately..we don't need him going to the doctor as well!

Its such a lovely sunny day today, i wish i had time to go outside for a walk, but i have sooo much cleaning to do, and the grocery shopping. Today i am going to attempt to do a $80 shop..this is going to be pretty hard, but we need to cut down on expenses.

Hmm well i think i will woft down some lunch, bath the cat, coz he stinks..and then get on to the vacuuming..yay..what a fun day ahead..NOT!

Hope you all have a more exciting day than me..its not that hard haha.


Thursday, July 29, 2010

just filling in time

Here is a pic of Oliver and Me...

Don't have much more to say at the moment, this has been a very hard week.

Talk to you next time.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunny Day

Well it was lovely and sunny here today, a nice surprise for a winters day.
Me and Simon took the cat for a walk lol..i spent about an hour with him on the deck..was lovely, i so miss being office job really takes its toll..air conditioning is just not the same.

Well off to work tomorrow, hope this week can go fast so i can get to the weekend again lol :P
Im going to enjoy the last few hours of my weekend, then off to get some beauty sleep :D


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

For my Hubby

Me and Simon were married 1 and a half years on Saturday! :D
Love you xx

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Heres my pumpkin plant now, its grew heaps!

My hubby is away for the week at a block course, so i will have to find ways to keep myself busy. The worst past is that i wont have the laptop :( that will be sad..
However i do you his old ipod touch, which kind of works..sometimes, so i can use the internet on that :)

Im now off to do the grocery shopping, will have to think of creative meals for one person..hmmm im thinking..PIES!!! hehehe


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Garden

So i finally came home from work early enough to take pictures of my flowers :)
(its been getting so dark lately)
Anyways, since i don't have an 'actual' garden, i have my pots..not as good as a garden, but they will do while we are here.

So here are some pictures of my pansies..not quite fully grown, but getting there;

And here is one of our cute bell;

Me and my hubby are married 1 and a half years in 3 days hehe :)
Made the cutest card for him today..spent my lunch cutting out letters haha

Trueblood on tonight, im not sure if im really liking this new season, its a bit too seedy and and soo much more bad language in it than in Season 1 :( Will watch a few more and see if i will continue watching it.
But i am liking The Vampire Diaries, its very cliche but a good watch.
(considering it is another whole year until the next Twilight saga, Breaking Dawn comes out - im not a twilight nerd, just like the books...seriously)

Oh i remembered i have been growing this pumpkin plant, we had to plant one as an example of origins. I had a wee opsie, i put it in the hot water cupboard so it could germinate - and i left it there for to weeks!!! and didn't water it, an its still alive!! go me.
So heres what it looks like now;

Well that's me for now, im hungry and now have to find something semi-creative to cook for dinner, man i wish you could enter the stuff you have in your fridge into a randomizer..and it makes recipes for you! ha wouldn't that be just awesome!

Life is sadly not that easy :(

(wow this one was a long post lol, sorry)


(UPDATE: my lovely hubby cooked dinner for me!! we had a creamy mustard chicken with rice and salad and spinach. YUM! Thanks my love xx)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Me and my Baby

Haven't been up to much lately..just working and playing with Oliver.
Heres a pic of us;

Weather has been getting real cold lately, like -2 to -4 at night..brrrrr.
Woke up this morning to a glorious frost, how beautiful, but cold, man how i wish it snowed here :( Guess i would have to move down south for that.

Well the latest is;

Oliver is better, only has a week left of his medicine, and is growing nicely :)
Planted some double vintage white pansies yesterday, waiting for them to bloom.
Had lovely lunch with some awesome friends yesterday, had awesome outside time collecting twigs to decorate her dinner table. Turned out cool, will look even cooler when she spray paints them black or white :) Love Crafts.
Hmm what else has did some baking, however not worthy of even showing you all..made Brownie - was too crunchy and chewy (in a bad way, not a good way) not going to do it in a silicon pan again. Will do some more baking next weekend, perhaps a citrus slice i think. (my friend gave me some lovely lemons)

Well i think thats me for now, sorry this is a rather boring post.
Will promise a better one next time.


Sunday, July 4, 2010

Goodbye Leonard

Well the last few days have been very action packed.
Leonard FINALLY came back home, so we rang the person that wanted to adopt him - and she wanted him, after waiting almost 3 weeks.
SO here is a goodbye picture for Leonard, all the best for your future mr cat.

And here is a sweet one of Leonard and Oliver.

So yeah we said goodbye to him yesterday, hopefully he will be a good kitty for them.

On another note, why this weekend has been busy, Oliver had to go to the vet because he had a seizure, which the vet thinks was due to an infection of some sort, so now he is on antibiotics..which sadly give him diarrhea :(

So here is a nice picture of him getting better after his sickness.

So thats me for now, praying Oliver will get better SOON!! And now im off to Sunday Lunch.


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