Saturday, July 31, 2010

Busy week..but its a sunny weekend! Yay

My Pumpkin plant grew another leaf! Lol..its looking pretty good, considering that its winter, and i should even be growing it :P

I have spent the first half of my morning cleaning up after the Cat..we took him to the vet to get his diarrhea sorted..but nothing has changed just yet. I had to clean all the sheets off our bed, the duvet cover..the throw and the throw in the lounge..ugh! I really hope the pills work soon, or i think im going to go crazy!!

We also had to change his food, now he's on this really expensive stuff called, hills prescription diet..dumb..better work!!

Another note: Work has gone better this week, got a wee surprise from my boss..which we really needed. Simon has decided to get and job and stop studying..bold choice, but we really need the extra cash flow..and the pressure the study had on him was just a bit too much unfortunately..we don't need him going to the doctor as well!

Its such a lovely sunny day today, i wish i had time to go outside for a walk, but i have sooo much cleaning to do, and the grocery shopping. Today i am going to attempt to do a $80 shop..this is going to be pretty hard, but we need to cut down on expenses.

Hmm well i think i will woft down some lunch, bath the cat, coz he stinks..and then get on to the vacuuming..yay..what a fun day ahead..NOT!

Hope you all have a more exciting day than me..its not that hard haha.


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