Monday, July 12, 2010

Me and my Baby

Haven't been up to much lately..just working and playing with Oliver.
Heres a pic of us;

Weather has been getting real cold lately, like -2 to -4 at night..brrrrr.
Woke up this morning to a glorious frost, how beautiful, but cold, man how i wish it snowed here :( Guess i would have to move down south for that.

Well the latest is;

Oliver is better, only has a week left of his medicine, and is growing nicely :)
Planted some double vintage white pansies yesterday, waiting for them to bloom.
Had lovely lunch with some awesome friends yesterday, had awesome outside time collecting twigs to decorate her dinner table. Turned out cool, will look even cooler when she spray paints them black or white :) Love Crafts.
Hmm what else has did some baking, however not worthy of even showing you all..made Brownie - was too crunchy and chewy (in a bad way, not a good way) not going to do it in a silicon pan again. Will do some more baking next weekend, perhaps a citrus slice i think. (my friend gave me some lovely lemons)

Well i think thats me for now, sorry this is a rather boring post.
Will promise a better one next time.


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