Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Garden

So i finally came home from work early enough to take pictures of my flowers :)
(its been getting so dark lately)
Anyways, since i don't have an 'actual' garden, i have my pots..not as good as a garden, but they will do while we are here.

So here are some pictures of my pansies..not quite fully grown, but getting there;

And here is one of our cute bell;

Me and my hubby are married 1 and a half years in 3 days hehe :)
Made the cutest card for him today..spent my lunch cutting out letters haha

Trueblood on tonight, im not sure if im really liking this new season, its a bit too seedy and and soo much more bad language in it than in Season 1 :( Will watch a few more and see if i will continue watching it.
But i am liking The Vampire Diaries, its very cliche but a good watch.
(considering it is another whole year until the next Twilight saga, Breaking Dawn comes out - im not a twilight nerd, just like the books...seriously)

Oh i remembered i have been growing this pumpkin plant, we had to plant one as an example of origins. I had a wee opsie, i put it in the hot water cupboard so it could germinate - and i left it there for to weeks!!! and didn't water it, an its still alive!! go me.
So heres what it looks like now;

Well that's me for now, im hungry and now have to find something semi-creative to cook for dinner, man i wish you could enter the stuff you have in your fridge into a randomizer..and it makes recipes for you! ha wouldn't that be just awesome!

Life is sadly not that easy :(

(wow this one was a long post lol, sorry)


(UPDATE: my lovely hubby cooked dinner for me!! we had a creamy mustard chicken with rice and salad and spinach. YUM! Thanks my love xx)

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