Monday, August 16, 2010

Bedroom DIY and various rantings

I have a new project that im going to start soon hopefully.
I am going to take photos of my husband and myself, and clearcut them so i can do something similar to this..

So i will do something similar to this but frame them with wooden frames - will probably dry brush them with white i think. Then i will print the portraits in black on white, but i still need to take photos of my husband and me..hmm..that part might take a while lol. Then i will put this clay heart my friend got for me from a local artist in the middle of our faces hehe

But yeah thats what my newest project is, im pretty excited :)
Hope it turns out ok, and will mask our hideous wallpaper :S

Found the idea here: Design Sponge
(Oh and of course our bed is not that fantastic..i wish!)

On another note, we are in the process of 'maybe' looking for another rental property, because the tenants below us are just tooo noisy for us, i like to go to sleep at 10pm and not have to go to sleep to the sound of chris brown UGH! And various other problems with them..
My dream place would be: A small-medium size 3 bedroom house, with a yard, a veggie garden and a garage (def need the storage!) And parking for visitors..lots of sun, trees, roses and a modern kitchen and clean bathroom. I know its a lot..but i want to be somewhere im comfy in while we try and save for our own home :) (which seems like it is going to be like forever away!!)

So i will continue on my search for a nice AFFORDABLE place..ugh its all about money :( i hate it..i wish it was free..or WAY easier to purchase your own home, its so difficult, like really who has $40,000.00 just sitting around, not me!! :(

Well enough of my rantings, will potter on with the rest of my week..hopefully my hubby will get a job, like real soon, coz that would be sooo amazing!!

Thats all my thoughts for now :D



  1. Have you heard of the Welcome Home Loan? Its a scheme designed to help young couples be able to afford their first house.

  2. Hey thanks, that site looks really interesting :)


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