Thursday, August 26, 2010

Finally finished my project

Well i have finally finished my project :)
I think it has turned out pretty cool, too bad our walls are totally UGLY!! They would look better on a light grey wall..i think.

Well here is some pics of them;

So thats my i will need to get another one..hmm perhaps i should finish one of my many paintings that i have half done, and lost interest in.
Well this week has gone by so fast, work has been busy and quite good actually. We are waiting to hear back about Simons 'possible' job, apparently we should hear back in wednesday. Fingers crossed he gets it, then we can finally start seriously saving for a house :D

We are off to a farewell party tonight, some friends are jumping the ditch and going to ah well..Australia's gain haha

Im off, night all.


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