Thursday, August 5, 2010


Well this week has gone by quite fast, work is fast and i like it :)
Lots of design and new challenges and all that jazz.

Have a wedding this that's exciting, one of my old friends from church.
I need to get a fringe trim before i go though, my fringe is so long i can barely see now haha..but im not sure if i want to keep my straight bangs, do i want a side fringe again?? Hmm, i think to my husbands dismay, i will keep my straight fringe for now :P its easier than a side fringe, no need to sweep it across your face all that's annoying.

Found this sweet recipe on The Kitchen Sink blog, for Sticky Buns - i can taste the caramel goodness now..mmMMMmm
Think i will make it on Fri night :D
Doesn't it look Divine!!

So this is my challenge for this weekend, a bit of baking bliss..i just have to think of who im going to share these with..hmm..

I better get back to work..need my morning tea break coffee, gosh im so exhausted, good thing its almost Friday! :)


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