Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekend Holiday

Me and my hubby were lucky enough to go away with our parents to the Mount in the weekend, i was so lovely to get away. The beach was amazing, played a bit of cricket and soccer - I kicked the ball too hard, and it made my toe bleed :(  Otherwise it was fantastic, went to a real cool second hand clothing store, and got some mean as shorts for $7 ( and they were pretty much new, and a good brand!) - SCORE

Here are some picks from our trip, sad to be home, but its nice to be home with my kitty ( and to have my own bed)

Path down to the Beach

Beach wind hair

Panorama of the Beach at the beach :P

Hubby and Me waiting for our coffees

My new $3.60 sunglasses haha

Amazing coffee - isn't the cup soo cute!

So there are some photos, now off to have a shower and get more photos ready for my 21st, i scanned all of my baby photos today..hard work, thank goodness photoshop has a crop and straighten feature, cuts the time in half!
Oh i got a large board to put the photos on, and i think thats all that part all ready..still have heaps more to do..the food, drink, music! AHHH

Anyways i have lots to do, later all :)


Monday, September 20, 2010

More Sickness

Once again i have a cold..but a different one this time, they always seem to be different, without going into too much yucky detail (as my husband would say) this cold is no where near as nasty as some i have had.
 But for some reason i seem to get on average 4 or more a year! Who knows why, i take my multi vitamins drink my orange juice, do a tad of exercise..think that should be enough to stop it, but no..
So got sent home form work today..wooo...then will have another day off so i don't contaminate anyone lol, then back to my usual work stuff etc.

Here is my solution to a cold windy night, and a sore throat;

A nice hot cup of Lemon and Manuka Honey drink :)

While i drink this, and hope to get better soon, im thinking of what me and hubby are doing this weekend, we are going to the Mount (Mt. Maunganui) - this should be a nice break away from reality, and from cold wet windy Hamilton. I think we are just gunna hang out with my parents and explore, and perhaps go to the Hot pools..mmm. Thats my kind of relaxing weekend :)
We forgot about our kitty though, we have never had an pet before, and we totally forgot about looking after him, so he is going to have a weekend stay at the Cattery in town (i have a sneaking suspicion he wont like it there at all)

Anyways, my cough has made me real tired, and it is pretty late, so im off to bed. Night all.


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Hubby did some baking!

And look what he did! Aren't they just perfect, i couldn't have done better myself (Proud of my hubby :))

Man the weeks have gone by fast, seems there must have been enough on to full up all the days.
There was a huge storm here last night, apparently it was the size of Australia, it caused lots of havoc in the south island, with flooding and lots of power outages (the news said today 7000 people had no power!)
We just had really loud thunder and lightening, and really heavy rain..was cozy at night though :)

On the job side of things, mine is going well, lots of new designs and fun projects. Hubby is still going to lots of interviews and hanging in there, hopefully it wont be too much longer till a job comes along.

Heres a lovely (LOL) pick of my boys :)


Anyways better go help my hubby make a salad, we made meatloaf and pasta, YUM!
Till next time.


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Oliver got posted!

One of my favorite sites Desire to Inspire posted my kitty in their 'Mondays Pets on Furniture' Post :)
Here is the link

He is the 3rd and 4th photo down :)


Saturday, September 4, 2010

Did some drawing and stuff

Well its my friends 21st birthday party tonight, and since we are dirt poor, i decided to make her a drawing..since thats pretty much all i could think of to do..So i did a 'J' so this is her present, hope she likes it lol.

Here are some pics;

And this is it finished :)

So yeah..There was a HUGE earthquake in Christchurch this morning, at 4:30am, was a 7.4 magnitude one. The city is totally shook up, lots of the old buildings have been effected, even the Cathedral. Only 20% of Christchurch have power and water, its very serious..apparently there hasn't been an earthquake this serious since one in Napier like a million years ago.
There are buildings that have been totally flattened and streets that are now in two..scary stuff, im glad i love in the North Island. A lot of my family is down there, but they are all safe, Thank Goodness.

So my hubby still hasn't got a job :( this stinks..thankfully we have family that are helping us out..without them we would really be in the poo. The dumbest thing is where we are staying, the people below us are MEGA LOUD and really annoying, and horrible to live above..the other night me and my husband got woken up at 3:30am to them partying and shouting loudly, this carried on until about 6am!! We wish they would just be freakin quiet!! its not that hard..and whats really sad is they have a newborn baby...and they party every weekend, its really sad..
we are not in the right financial situation to move..we are only renting, but its not fair for us to have to move, i have complained to the property manager..but yeah, hope they can sort it out for us, im sick of going down at night and asking them to shut up!
And i REALLY DO NOT want to move!!, i like our cute little house, its really close to town, easy to get to work..and had cheap rent..and i like it...

Sorry for that rant..they just happen to have music on right now..and the baby is crying..UGH!!!

On a nice note: Here is a really cute pic of Oliver with his teddy

So thats Ollie and his teddy having a wee cuddle.

Thats me for today, off to think of what to cook for dinner..ugh..i have done so well today, like i have done all the washing, and all of its dry, did the dishes, vacuumed, cleaned the bathrooms, did the grocery shopping..posted my 21st invites..i was all sorted, im too mega tired to do anything thinking we might just have nachos! they are easy lol.

Thanks for reading and listening to all my mumbles and rants :)


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