Saturday, September 18, 2010

Hubby did some baking!

And look what he did! Aren't they just perfect, i couldn't have done better myself (Proud of my hubby :))

Man the weeks have gone by fast, seems there must have been enough on to full up all the days.
There was a huge storm here last night, apparently it was the size of Australia, it caused lots of havoc in the south island, with flooding and lots of power outages (the news said today 7000 people had no power!)
We just had really loud thunder and lightening, and really heavy rain..was cozy at night though :)

On the job side of things, mine is going well, lots of new designs and fun projects. Hubby is still going to lots of interviews and hanging in there, hopefully it wont be too much longer till a job comes along.

Heres a lovely (LOL) pick of my boys :)


Anyways better go help my hubby make a salad, we made meatloaf and pasta, YUM!
Till next time.


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