Monday, September 20, 2010

More Sickness

Once again i have a cold..but a different one this time, they always seem to be different, without going into too much yucky detail (as my husband would say) this cold is no where near as nasty as some i have had.
 But for some reason i seem to get on average 4 or more a year! Who knows why, i take my multi vitamins drink my orange juice, do a tad of exercise..think that should be enough to stop it, but no..
So got sent home form work today..wooo...then will have another day off so i don't contaminate anyone lol, then back to my usual work stuff etc.

Here is my solution to a cold windy night, and a sore throat;

A nice hot cup of Lemon and Manuka Honey drink :)

While i drink this, and hope to get better soon, im thinking of what me and hubby are doing this weekend, we are going to the Mount (Mt. Maunganui) - this should be a nice break away from reality, and from cold wet windy Hamilton. I think we are just gunna hang out with my parents and explore, and perhaps go to the Hot pools..mmm. Thats my kind of relaxing weekend :)
We forgot about our kitty though, we have never had an pet before, and we totally forgot about looking after him, so he is going to have a weekend stay at the Cattery in town (i have a sneaking suspicion he wont like it there at all)

Anyways, my cough has made me real tired, and it is pretty late, so im off to bed. Night all.


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