Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekend Holiday

Me and my hubby were lucky enough to go away with our parents to the Mount in the weekend, i was so lovely to get away. The beach was amazing, played a bit of cricket and soccer - I kicked the ball too hard, and it made my toe bleed :(  Otherwise it was fantastic, went to a real cool second hand clothing store, and got some mean as shorts for $7 ( and they were pretty much new, and a good brand!) - SCORE

Here are some picks from our trip, sad to be home, but its nice to be home with my kitty ( and to have my own bed)

Path down to the Beach

Beach wind hair

Panorama of the Beach at the beach :P

Hubby and Me waiting for our coffees

My new $3.60 sunglasses haha

Amazing coffee - isn't the cup soo cute!

So there are some photos, now off to have a shower and get more photos ready for my 21st, i scanned all of my baby photos today..hard work, thank goodness photoshop has a crop and straighten feature, cuts the time in half!
Oh i got a large board to put the photos on, and i think thats all that part all ready..still have heaps more to do..the food, drink, music! AHHH

Anyways i have lots to do, later all :)


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