Sunday, October 31, 2010

Me and Oliver and my new dress :)

Well thought i would upload a new pic of me and Ollie, is been while :)
Also got a new dress with my Birthday vouchers, its just super cute.

Super Cute 50s dress i found at Farmers

Me and my little cat Ollie

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I really should do some more drawing, better yet painting..i just have no ideas, plus no space to put any art up..hmm maybe i need to think of some small things to draw..
We have a wedding coming up on new years, perhaps i could paint them something for their new house together, i think that sounds good, now just to think of something to paint haha.

Back to work for me (the sun is being mean, its so warm and sunny outside - but I'm stuck inside all day)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Labour weekend trip with Dad

Was the most sunny beautiful day today and i really wanted to get outside and do something.
Since my hubby isn't really the outdoor type, me and my dad went to Raglan on his Motorbike!
It was super cool, scary at first, thought i was gunna fall off with all corners in the roads..but once i got the hang of leaning the right amount around the corners, it was all good.
Thanks Dad for taking me away for the day! :)
Heres some pics;

Kids jumping off the bridge

Dad on the bridge

It was REAL sunny :P

Panorama of some of the beach

Me by Dads bike 

Friday, October 22, 2010

Random Image

This is what things feel like at the moment..all we are doing is getting by..just, and fixing everything..

Print by Claire Owen
Yup that's me..meh

Monday, October 18, 2010

21st Photos

Here are some photos from my 21st Party :)

Me and my Sis making the last minute DIY guest book lol

Siren and Maria - Fab dresses!!

Me, Zo and Jo


Yay cake!


Sunday, October 17, 2010

21st Party

Well the party was totally FAB!! Went great, don't know what i was stressing about. There was plenty of food, and everyone seemed to have a great time. It was great to have every there from different times in my life, from primary school through to high school, and my new friends, it was great, thanks everyone for making it awesome!

I didn't take any pics really, but here is some of the super cool food - that finally got done it time (im a bit slow when im stressed lol)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


OK so this is my second post of the day (both of which i have done at work! gosh I'm bad haha) 21st party is on this Saturday, and of course I'm stressing out. I have a million and one things to do..and its soo frustrating being at work all day and not being able to do them ahhh!

For starters i have a whole load of baking to do before sat..tonight I'm hopefully going to bake the two slices..which are a citrus one and Chinese chew (which is pretty much just coconut and sultanas and caramel)
And these will hopefully all work, and everybody will like them :) I have done them a million times before...but knowing me, something will go wrong. Also something else that sucks, is that my oven only has one I'm very limited to what i can bake at one on Friday I'm off to a friends to use her oven, and bake two batches of cookies and on Saturday morning (nice and early) I'm going to mums to make a whole crap load of red velvet cupcakes!

So that's the baking dilemma that will be going on for the next 3 days..all of which will be done once I'm home from after dinner..o so tiresome.. Anyway, i have another wee issue, i do not know what to do with my hair, i have a few pics of what i could do, but I'm not used to my short hair! So here are some pics, see what you think and leave a comment with ideas :) (I'm clueless)

So yeah I'm stressing, i do it quite well i must say :P Work is almost over for the day...exactly 20mins to go till i can go home. Ahh i really felt like i needed a long rant..gosh! Hope everything goes well haha..cant wait till the actually party, then i can relax and enjoy being 21!


Found a new super cool baking website!!

Its called Bakerella and it is just super awesome, fantastic recipes and beautiful pictures, makes me want to bake all day haha

Well back to work for me..this has made my day better already :P

Monday, October 11, 2010

21 :)

I had a fab day yesterday, was beautiful and sunny...only have a few pics of the day;
Will have more from my party on Saturday :)

Super cool prezzies :)

21 years!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

21 Baby!

Its ma birthday today woohoo..and its a lovely sunny day :)
Hubby gave me a surprise breakfast with my family, yummy coffee, bubbles and croissants!
The best ever!!
Thanks Hubby xxoxoxx

Looking forward to the rest of the day, perhaps a lovely walk around the lake, and lazy lunch :)
Doesn't feel like im any older, but it never does, i wonder when it will lol?

Off to church now!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Summer is coming! & my unlucky streak continues...

Yay so the weather is fantastic at the moment, lovely and sunny outside, not too much wind. And guess what?? Im stuck inside, how lame! But i had a lovely time yesterday in the sun, got a wee bit much on one knee (i think a just doubled the amount of freckles on that knee haha)

I was having another fantastic day on Saturday, however it was brought to a halt, Literally! Someone rear ended my car on the bridge in town, and i was trying to pull over, but there was too much traffic, and before i knew it, she had driven off!!! AHHH some people..i just expected her to follow me, then we could sort out insurance stuff..but nooooo, she did a runner, guessing she didn't have any insurance to pay for our car :(
So since our financial situation is not particularly fantastic at the moment, there is no way we can take the car to get it looked at. So yeah, it sucks, and totally ruined my day.. but luckily, only the bumper came off a bit, and there is a small sent on our boot, but that's it (Fingers crossed :S)
I was on my way to my lovely friends house when it happened, so instead of turning up ready for a sunbathe and a chat..i turned up on her door step balling my eyes out :( that sucked, but i had chocolate licorice and she cheered me up after that (Yay for positive cheery upy friends!)
So now I'm just bummed that i didn't stop my car on the bridge and blimmin force the insurance details out of her! AHH another life lesson..they SUCK!

Anyways..its sunny, and it makes me a little happier..still stuck inside, but i can look outside for comfort.

So..It's my 21st birthday in like 6 days! On the 10.10.10 (Cool date aye - some people say its lucky, i hope so..i could do with some..) And my party is in 12 days..did my photo-board with my  hubby yesterday, and then everything else has too be sorted out next weekend. Then besides the crap load of baking i will have to do, I'm all sorted (Man i love things being all sorted..keeps me calm lol)

Ahh well i better get back to work, I'm such a bad procrastinator..all i can think about is how am i going to do my hair all 1950s for my birthday..hmm..think i will need some help with that one.

That was a big to work (well back to it actually :P)

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