Wednesday, October 13, 2010


OK so this is my second post of the day (both of which i have done at work! gosh I'm bad haha) 21st party is on this Saturday, and of course I'm stressing out. I have a million and one things to do..and its soo frustrating being at work all day and not being able to do them ahhh!

For starters i have a whole load of baking to do before sat..tonight I'm hopefully going to bake the two slices..which are a citrus one and Chinese chew (which is pretty much just coconut and sultanas and caramel)
And these will hopefully all work, and everybody will like them :) I have done them a million times before...but knowing me, something will go wrong. Also something else that sucks, is that my oven only has one I'm very limited to what i can bake at one on Friday I'm off to a friends to use her oven, and bake two batches of cookies and on Saturday morning (nice and early) I'm going to mums to make a whole crap load of red velvet cupcakes!

So that's the baking dilemma that will be going on for the next 3 days..all of which will be done once I'm home from after dinner..o so tiresome.. Anyway, i have another wee issue, i do not know what to do with my hair, i have a few pics of what i could do, but I'm not used to my short hair! So here are some pics, see what you think and leave a comment with ideas :) (I'm clueless)

So yeah I'm stressing, i do it quite well i must say :P Work is almost over for the day...exactly 20mins to go till i can go home. Ahh i really felt like i needed a long rant..gosh! Hope everything goes well haha..cant wait till the actually party, then i can relax and enjoy being 21!


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