Monday, October 4, 2010

Summer is coming! & my unlucky streak continues...

Yay so the weather is fantastic at the moment, lovely and sunny outside, not too much wind. And guess what?? Im stuck inside, how lame! But i had a lovely time yesterday in the sun, got a wee bit much on one knee (i think a just doubled the amount of freckles on that knee haha)

I was having another fantastic day on Saturday, however it was brought to a halt, Literally! Someone rear ended my car on the bridge in town, and i was trying to pull over, but there was too much traffic, and before i knew it, she had driven off!!! AHHH some people..i just expected her to follow me, then we could sort out insurance stuff..but nooooo, she did a runner, guessing she didn't have any insurance to pay for our car :(
So since our financial situation is not particularly fantastic at the moment, there is no way we can take the car to get it looked at. So yeah, it sucks, and totally ruined my day.. but luckily, only the bumper came off a bit, and there is a small sent on our boot, but that's it (Fingers crossed :S)
I was on my way to my lovely friends house when it happened, so instead of turning up ready for a sunbathe and a chat..i turned up on her door step balling my eyes out :( that sucked, but i had chocolate licorice and she cheered me up after that (Yay for positive cheery upy friends!)
So now I'm just bummed that i didn't stop my car on the bridge and blimmin force the insurance details out of her! AHH another life lesson..they SUCK!

Anyways..its sunny, and it makes me a little happier..still stuck inside, but i can look outside for comfort.

So..It's my 21st birthday in like 6 days! On the 10.10.10 (Cool date aye - some people say its lucky, i hope so..i could do with some..) And my party is in 12 days..did my photo-board with my  hubby yesterday, and then everything else has too be sorted out next weekend. Then besides the crap load of baking i will have to do, I'm all sorted (Man i love things being all sorted..keeps me calm lol)

Ahh well i better get back to work, I'm such a bad procrastinator..all i can think about is how am i going to do my hair all 1950s for my birthday..hmm..think i will need some help with that one.

That was a big to work (well back to it actually :P)


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