Monday, November 8, 2010

Auckland Weekend - and stupid injuries

Well me and my hubby had a lovely weekend away in Auckland at the conference, but before we went away on Tuesday i injured my shoulder..ugh!! Was playing Playstation Move and i was getting a but too into it, so now i have a strained shoulder..pulled a few muscles, and now have to go to physiotherapy..i shouldn't really be on the computer because its typing that makes it hurt real bad..DUMB!! My shoulder is all strapped up and hurts like crap..ibuprophen doesnt help :( well i have to do my exercises and put ice on it every 2 hours, then hopefully i will get better soon, its so annoying and painful.

On another note, here are some panorama images from the hotel we stayed in in Auckland, we were on the 13th floor :)

Panorama during the day time

Panorama during the night time

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