Thursday, November 4, 2010

My beans - and flowers

My mum gave me these really cool containers to grow beans and tomatoes in. They are these plastic ish bags, that are reusable and movable (they have handles) So since i do not have any garden this is choice for me :)
I have planted my beans and a few other flowers in my pots too. Have to wait a bit for my tomatoes, mum is still growing them. So I will have green climbing beans, and yellow butter beans that will grow on the bottom. Then in my pots i have giant double marigolds and Cosmos in my Planter :) Eee im so excited to see them all grow and flower!! Here are some pics of them at the moment.

Super cool bean growing beg thing :)

Close up of one of my beans

My Marigolds all green and lovely

My cosmos - going to be 1.2m tall!!

Yeah so thats my garden - will post more pictures when things grow a bit more.
Off to cook NACHOS for dinner yum!

(Me and my hubby are away at a conference this weekend, so no blog posting for me)

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