Thursday, December 9, 2010

My Baby is gone...forever

We had to take my baby Oliver (the cat) to the vet last night. On Tuesday he suddenly went feral on Simon and went totally mental and bit his thumb..then we took him to the vet and they gave him some painkillers and antibiotics, they thought it may have been part of his ongoing problems. So we brought him home and he seemed very shy and quiet, and then when i came home from work yesterday he welcomed me with a meow and a cuddle and i took him outside for a walk (these are the photos below) and then i started cooking dinner - in the middle of that i went to go hug him and he snapped, it was so wasn't him..and he was hissing and growling and everything he doesn't do - he is normal an angel :(
But he wouldn't calm down so Simon went to grab him to put him in his cage..and went crazy..and poo'd everywhere (which is not normal) We finally got him to the vet, and there was nothing we could do..he had slightly calmed down..but was still growly..and he could do it we had to put him down :(

Im am so sad i cant even describe it, he was my baby, my first cat. He was only just 9 months old :(
Born on the 3rd of March 2010. I keep thinking im going to find him sitting on the couch..but he is never going to be there again. Some of you may be thinking why im so upset about just a cat..but he was my baby companion..awww i so want him to come back :( But i know he's not hurting anymore..whatever was wrong..he's now sleeping in my mums garden..under the flowers..he's going where ever cats go..may God look after him.

These pictures were taking just an hour before we had to put him down - you would think he was fine..but there must have been something else going on..

Here are the last pictures of my baby :(... Love you my Oliver!!

He was the BEST cat ever and i will miss him very much.

Here are some pictures from when he was a all grown up (well as much as he was..he wasn't even 1)

The day we got him

As a wee baby


  1. Oh Keren - I'm so very sorry about your pussycat (I just randomly found your blog but just had to comment). It's ok to be so upset, many people, myself included, adore their pets and they truly become part of our families. Your wee pussycat was very handsome and I'm sure he would have been very loved and happy with you - sometimes these things just happen.

    From a stranger - wishing you much comfort at the moment - know that there are people out there who do understand.

    Take care


  2. Oh thank you :)
    I just got home from being out..i keep forgetting he's not here.
    He was really loved.

    Thanks for your kind words


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