Friday, December 24, 2010

We got a call

So i came home from work yesterday and there was a message on the phone from the breeders of our baby Oliver. He basically said that there was something for us to pick up and that all we needed to bring was a cage.
This is what i came home with;

So this is the new cat - the breeders gave us him for free. It was soo lovely, like the best Christmas present ever! They are so generous.
He is a bit mischievous though, he just ate the corner of my new book :( which is a bit sad, m going to have to do some DIY and fix it (its just a paperback so he bit right through it)
And he gets scared very easily, i just hope that doest last - it scares me a bit (reminds me of Ollie :( )

So yeah, he doesn't have a same yet..we are thinking maybe Louie or Harvey...not sure..

Well its Christmas eve - so im going to relax.


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