Friday, January 14, 2011

Changing Colour

My tomatoes are finally turning red! They are orange so far, im so excited, soon i will get to eat the first tomato that i grew!! Yay. Here is some pics of my tomatoes;

going orange

slightly orange

On the subject of changing colour, i died my hair reddy brown again - looks intense as! Thanks to lovely Siren for doing it for me :)
TOmorrow i am spending the day with a few gals and a friend who is a photographer, and we are doing a trash the dress session - so tomorrow im getting back into my wedding dress and getting all wet and dirty! hehe its going to be soo much fun!

Well im off to bed now, im tired and in pain, coz of my stupid shoulder, its all injured again, and i cant manage a day without pain killers. Im off to the Physio next week again...ugh.
Well thats enough blabbing, night night.



  1. What variety of tomatoes are you growing? We bought some bloody butcher ones, they are just sprouting now! So exciting...

  2. These ones were from last year, but im not sure which type they were. My mum grew them from seed for me, and i just went from there. I haven't even thought of starting tomatoes for this year yet lol I normally like the Romano ones, or these round ones


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