Tuesday, January 25, 2011

my plants...all colourful

One of my sunflowers finally flowered, it looks so beautiful :)
Here are some pictures of it and of some of my other plants and flowers.

my sunflower 

my first ripened tomatoes

my salvia flowers

So thats my plants :)
I had all my scans yesterday, they went well, had an ultrasound and a xray - and they gave me a Cortisone injection, but it takes 3 days to work, and im not allowed to really move for those 3 days..which sucks, luckily i have the week off, but so much for a holiday!
So they have found out what the problem is, but for the life of me i cant remember what its called. Its a muscle cavity inside my shoulder, that has 3 main muscles going through it - and it is all inflamed and distressed. I do not know the results of the xray yet. The doctor prescribed me Naproxen for muscle relaxation and pain relief..hasn't done much so far...

So my holiday will be sitting on the couch watching movies i think..fun fun

well thats me for now, pretty tired and sore.


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