Wednesday, February 23, 2011

plant a seed..and make it grow

I have been saving some of the seeds from my beans, and this is what they look like now, some are dried (which are the green beans) and the ones that look all shiny are the seeds from my yellow butter beans.
Hopefully some of them will grow next season..a little bit of new life..amidst all this death :( O poor Christchurch, everything is still all falling apart there..more bodies, but even more coming out alive..
Well here are some pics of my seeds, to slightly keep my/our minds off the catastrophe in Christchurch..

how beautiful the colours are

these ones turn into green beans

these ones turn into yellow butter beans

Christchurch Earthquake Disaster

Yesterday (Tuesday 22nd Feb) a massive 6.3 magnitude earthquake hit Christchurch, it hit at 12.51pm - the middle of the day. So far the destruction has been huge, total buildings in the city center flattened. 75 people have been confirmed dead..and its rising. This is such a sad day for New Zealand, I just thank God that all my family is safe, except one cousin that is still unreachable by text or phone - since the phone lines are out still,(all my relatives live in and around Christchurch) but it looks like they are ok. I feel so helpless here up north, not being able to do anything but pray, but so thankful that there are so many people down there helping rescue people from the buildings.

Here is a news website that is updating the disaster NZ Herald if you want to find out more.
Its such a shame that this happened again, it was only 5 months ago that they had a 7.1 magnitude earthquake, luckily that one was during the middle of the night.

Latest update is that our prime minister has declared a state of emergency, with rescue teams coming from Australia, USA and the UK. Hope they can rescue as many lives as possible..all my prayers are with Christchurch.


Monday, February 21, 2011


Last Thursday i had the opportunity to be part of a fundraiser for the Cancer Society, we got to make necklaces and earrings. Here are some pics of what i made, i thought it turned out pretty good :)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Moving forward

Well today is the day when my baby sister moves to the big city, Auckland (well not that big, but you get the idea) So i have to do a quick post because im being picked up in like half an hour! But it thought i would share with you all an artwork i did for her, so she can put it on her wall, and make it feel (hopefully) more homely (since she will be staying in the university dorm rooms)
So here is her name that i made out of heaps and heaps of magazine cuttings and i have framed it in the end.

closeup of my favourite N
inspire yourself
done and signed

Well thats me, im off to get dressed and hang the washing! Ahh no time.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Lazy Sunday

Well today has been quite a laid back day, it really has been quite lovely :)
Church in the morning - wasn't helping with anything so i could sit back and relax, was great.
Then has a awesome bakery lunch with some friends, helped my girlfriend do some weeding, was quite therapeutic actually haha. Its nice helping others with their gardens, fills the gap of me not having one of my own. But one day i will, and it will probably get all out of control LOL.
Then after we did some hard weeding we decided it was too hot, so we filled up her paddling pool and had a dip (was quite cold, even though we put buckets of hot water in too) but it definitely cooled me off!
Thanks Siren for an awesome afternoon :) you're a babe :)

Then came home, and it was just so totally hot i couldn't handle it, so me and hubby had a nap, then left overs for tea. Then i was off again, back to church for our Ladies 'Girls with Soul' night - was super, and this week we even got a super cool notebook! Man i love stationary.

Anyways, back to work tomorrow, just a normal week ahead, work each day..
On Saturday my baby sister is moving to Auckland to study..o its going to be so sad not having her here..i will miss her soo much :( I might see if i can go up there with mum and dad..that wouldn't be too weird would it??

Well got some news about my shoulder, and not good news. So ACC (the organization that has been paying for the majority of my treatments has decided that after my scans they think that it is a different injury then previous..UGH.. ITS NOT!!! they never knew what it was in the first place  you silly ACC. They have been so great with all the physio and the cortisone injection..but what am i going to do when the injection wears off, and im not healed?? Cause i cant afford full price Physio..or the injection. Im a bit worried that it this doesn't heal, im screwed. Well i better stop typing, its hurting my shoulder, and its late..
Ugh.. is a cute pic of me and Harvey (Mr. Mischievous!)

Me and Harvey

Friday, February 11, 2011

Time for a change

So i have done some changes to my blog over the last couple of days, i felt it was time for a change, and i really enjoy making new things! :) Found a new background from shabby blogs and then began to create my new header, was so much fun :) So obviously you can see the changes..dont need to post pictures.

Well im back to work now, ta

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


This was the view outside my window tonight, went down to the road to take a better picture.
It was so beautiful :)

How lovely

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My tomatoes!!

Just came in from watering my tomatoes, and i got to pick 14..yes 14 ripe tomatoes!! How exciting, now will have to find something yummy to do with them, maybe some bruschetta..or a pasta sauce, hmm ideas ideas. Here are some pics of my lovely tomatoes :)

So today was my last day off from work, i have been on holiday\sick leave for the last 2 weeks, resting my arm and just making sure i don't hurt myself. I think i will be ok, but we wont know until tomorrow :) So yeah i think i have got everything done that i wanted to get done over my break, besides getting my full license, since i have only begun driving this week. But i have done a little shopping, spent the rest of my 21st vouchers, and repainted an old photo frame, done some gardening, got up to date with friends, and sorted out all my lessons for first steps (teaching 3-4 yr. olds at church). So pretty productive i must say.

Well tonight im off to town to have coffee with a girlfriend before she moves away to Wellington :( . Then tomorrow i have a meeting at church about this years ministries :) quite excited to be involved. This year is looking a little bit better now :)

Here is  a pic of Harvey (the cat) haven't put one on in a while, he is getting sooo big now :)

what are you looking at?

Thats me for now.

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