Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Christchurch Earthquake Disaster

Yesterday (Tuesday 22nd Feb) a massive 6.3 magnitude earthquake hit Christchurch, it hit at 12.51pm - the middle of the day. So far the destruction has been huge, total buildings in the city center flattened. 75 people have been confirmed dead..and its rising. This is such a sad day for New Zealand, I just thank God that all my family is safe, except one cousin that is still unreachable by text or phone - since the phone lines are out still,(all my relatives live in and around Christchurch) but it looks like they are ok. I feel so helpless here up north, not being able to do anything but pray, but so thankful that there are so many people down there helping rescue people from the buildings.

Here is a news website that is updating the disaster NZ Herald if you want to find out more.
Its such a shame that this happened again, it was only 5 months ago that they had a 7.1 magnitude earthquake, luckily that one was during the middle of the night.

Latest update is that our prime minister has declared a state of emergency, with rescue teams coming from Australia, USA and the UK. Hope they can rescue as many lives as possible..all my prayers are with Christchurch.


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