Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My tomatoes!!

Just came in from watering my tomatoes, and i got to pick 14..yes 14 ripe tomatoes!! How exciting, now will have to find something yummy to do with them, maybe some bruschetta..or a pasta sauce, hmm ideas ideas. Here are some pics of my lovely tomatoes :)

So today was my last day off from work, i have been on holiday\sick leave for the last 2 weeks, resting my arm and just making sure i don't hurt myself. I think i will be ok, but we wont know until tomorrow :) So yeah i think i have got everything done that i wanted to get done over my break, besides getting my full license, since i have only begun driving this week. But i have done a little shopping, spent the rest of my 21st vouchers, and repainted an old photo frame, done some gardening, got up to date with friends, and sorted out all my lessons for first steps (teaching 3-4 yr. olds at church). So pretty productive i must say.

Well tonight im off to town to have coffee with a girlfriend before she moves away to Wellington :( . Then tomorrow i have a meeting at church about this years ministries :) quite excited to be involved. This year is looking a little bit better now :)

Here is  a pic of Harvey (the cat) haven't put one on in a while, he is getting sooo big now :)

what are you looking at?

Thats me for now.

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