Sunday, March 27, 2011


So i have been making personalized cards for my friends and family - and everyone seems to like them, so i thought i would share them with you all. I have done some more special ones for mothers and fathers day - but i cant put them on here until its past mothers and fathers day.

So here is some pictures of the cards i did for my mother in law and my friend Siren.

Sirens finished card :)
the back of the card

Marias birthday card

the back of her card

a box i made for Sirens birthday present

Marias envelope i made

the super cool inside of the envelope i made :)

So yeah thats what i have been up to lately, i think they are pretty cool, i can do them for birthdays, anniversaries, special holidays, yeah..anything really :)

Thats all me for tonight in pictures, i have spent my day with the girls, we watch Red Riding hood and had lunch and Starbucks, was a lovely day :) Then shopped till Si (hubby) finished work, then we came home and made deviled sausages for dinner, was lovely.

My favorite quote of the night was from hubby 'make sure you don't cut yourself, i don't want finger in my salad' - 'also don't want you to get hurt' LOL thanks my love.

Anyways, my daddy is here having a beer, so i better be more welcoming.
Night night all, xoxo

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