Tuesday, March 8, 2011


So I went shopping on the weekend, and got to buy something lovely for myself (feels like its been a while) household stuff doesn't count lol.
So i got myself some shoes, I saw these a few months ago, but they were waaaay too expensive for me to even think about getting them. Then they went on sale..and on sale again..sooo me and hubby went and he got some much needed new work shoes and i got THEee shoes :) and it only came to like $160!!! Awesome as! Here they are, they are a bit weird, but i love them, funky and different :)

Cool heel, so easy to walk in though
The fronts, like a boot kinda..so comfy!

So yeah, they are cool as..also got some cool new twisty crayons from my mother in law (from smiggle!! = awesome stationary shop)
But here is a pick of me and my cat Harvey, he's getting so big now, just had his 6mnth check up and he's all good to go, a but on the heavy side, but healthy :)

Me and Harvey ( he never wants to take nice pictures with me :( ..)
Thats me for tonight :) might take some pics of my new crayons tomorrow, if I have time.
Night all xx

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