Saturday, April 30, 2011

sunny day and surprises!

Well yesterday i got a lovely surprise from my hubby (Si) who bought my a new kenwood mixture!! i have wanted one of these for ever, and it was on special, so he bought it for me :) its sooo beautiful, and i made my first cake with it, its in the oven now, a spice cake mmm.
Here are some pics - its gorgeous!

making a spice cake

And also its a very sunny day out, so i decided to take the kitty out for a walk - and take photos of my flowers :)
Here are some pics of my plants :)

harvey smelling the stock flowers

stock flowers



harvey walking around in the garden


Yeah thats me for now, i have to pop out and get a free test pot from resene YAY!
See ya!

Friday, April 29, 2011


No not me, but my older brother graduated a few weekends ago - for a theology degree thing.
Me and the Family went up to Auckland to see him graduate.
Here are some pics; (me and my Sis were a bit bored, so we took pictures of ourselves LOL)

Me, Daniel and Anna (after Dan graduated)

Me and Daniel :)

Family pic..

Anna and me

Saturday, April 23, 2011


GAHH! Blogger wont let me upload images!!! so annoying!! have to upload them through picasa web albums, what a way to make it difficult blogger..not impressed....gugh


So its a long weekend here in New Zealand..we get friday and monday off..for easter and Anzac day. This would normally be a good thing, but me and my hubby are sick :( we both have colds..mine a bit worse than his, and its cold today and there has been no sun all day - its rather sad.

So we are just sitting around doing nothing, how awesome..we both have no energy to do anything, i barely had enough to go and make grilled cheese sandwiches..oww i hate being sick, its such a downer..

I havent blogged in a while, so i thought i would post some new pics of some drawings i have been doing, and some new photos..(man i sound boring, i really have no energy LOL)

Here are some pics of a cake i baked..was a rather weird one, but turned out really good :)

a new drawing..ideas for my painting..

the m and m brownies i made yesterday :)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Creative block...

my basic far
So i have this large canvas that has been sitting sadly on the wall for some time now..i really want to make something supercool and different from what i normally end up doing..but im having trouble getting it on paper..i have all these ideas that i want to do..but they are not happening. Its not that im afraid to do them, its that i haven't done an artwork for myself for a very long time. I like all these cool artists, and wish i could re create the ideas they have into my own artworks..but its just not happening, i think i just need some stress free, cat free, money trouble free time so i can figure out how to do this :)

Here is a few of the artists im really liking at the moment, i want to incorporate i few different things from each, like the outlining  by Liza Corbett and Audrey Kawasaki..(i have links to the artists below so  you can check them out) I like the eyes and expressions of Audrey Kawasaki and Candace Jean. And the colours and vibrancy of the backgrounds vs foregrounds of Sylvia ji..ahh i wish i could be half as good as these wonderful ladies...(i can dream)


Anyways thats me for tonight, im tired from looking after kitty cat (he wants looots of cuddles) and just work in general, night all.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Harvey is home

Harvey came home at 10am yesterday, and he is fine, obviously in pain from the operation to rebuild his hip, but ok. We have to give him a pain/anti inflammatory drops once a day, then an antibacterial pill twice a day. He is a bit calmer now that he has had his painkillers, he is just sleeping on my knee as i write this. He looks so sad..with his cone and scar..bit he is still my baby cat. We have to take him back on Monday evening so that the vet can have a look at his incision and check his stitches. Here are a few pictures of him this morning, he doesn't look too bad.

excuse my horrible morning face..

Harvey and his cool hat ;P

Look at me and my manly scars! Im so tough ;)

So well done Harvey for being so strong and tough :) We love you :)

Now off to finish the washing, and try and not disturb the cat in the mean time - he has to rest most of the day (but still walk around enough to keep his hip working)


Friday, April 8, 2011

Harvey is coming home

My baby cat is coming home tomorrow, we were able to borrow some money so we could afford the surgery, so Harvey will be all OK. The vet said he did very well and was coming off the anesthetic well, but needed to stay overnight because he needed more pain killers.
We get to pick him up at 10am tomorrow YAY!!! But i will be away in Auckland for my brothers graduation, so hubby will have to pick baby up. But he has work later in the day, so we may have to ask someone to babysit Harvey while Simon is at work..hmmm we will see how he is when he comes home.

So it has been a very stressful last couple of days..hubby has a stressful meeting tonight about a workmates comments about him, which are really quite silly. Anyways, im off to go home now.

Will post pics of Harvey when hes home :)
Hope everyone has a good weekend

Thursday, April 7, 2011

My poor poor baby

Well yesterday we had to take our kitten to the vet - he jumped off the bench and hurt his leg. We had to get x-rays done to see if it was broken or popped out..and i just got the phone call from the vet and it is broken. His femur is fractured right by his hip bone and needs surgery. As you might know we aren't exactly the richest people in the world, and the thought of surgery is scarey. But i only lost my last cat 8 months ago, and i cant bear to think of losing another one of my cats :(.
So we are hopefully going to go with the cheapest option which is between $780 - $900!! I just pray that it works and we can have our beautiful kitty back. He is so special to me..and i just stinks that it costs so much just to save your wee kitty..wish the government funded it a bit - it would really help :(

So my afternoon officially sucks! I'm in a mood and upset, all i want to do is go see my Harvey and give him a huge cuddle :( So now i just have to wait to finish work then go to the vet with hubby at 5:15pm and talk to the surgeon and decide what to do...AhhAHHHHH!!!

I had such a lovely night with my hubby last night, we went and saw limitless and had dinner out..was awesome..too bad today sucks!! Well i better get back to work, think my lunch break is over now...


Friday, April 1, 2011


This is what was outside my house this morning (perk of living by the lake)
Man i love hot air balloons :)

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