Monday, April 11, 2011

Creative block...

my basic far
So i have this large canvas that has been sitting sadly on the wall for some time now..i really want to make something supercool and different from what i normally end up doing..but im having trouble getting it on paper..i have all these ideas that i want to do..but they are not happening. Its not that im afraid to do them, its that i haven't done an artwork for myself for a very long time. I like all these cool artists, and wish i could re create the ideas they have into my own artworks..but its just not happening, i think i just need some stress free, cat free, money trouble free time so i can figure out how to do this :)

Here is a few of the artists im really liking at the moment, i want to incorporate i few different things from each, like the outlining  by Liza Corbett and Audrey Kawasaki..(i have links to the artists below so  you can check them out) I like the eyes and expressions of Audrey Kawasaki and Candace Jean. And the colours and vibrancy of the backgrounds vs foregrounds of Sylvia ji..ahh i wish i could be half as good as these wonderful ladies...(i can dream)


Anyways thats me for tonight, im tired from looking after kitty cat (he wants looots of cuddles) and just work in general, night all.


  1. thank you, the drawing is mine, but the images below are artists i like :)


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