Friday, April 8, 2011

Harvey is coming home

My baby cat is coming home tomorrow, we were able to borrow some money so we could afford the surgery, so Harvey will be all OK. The vet said he did very well and was coming off the anesthetic well, but needed to stay overnight because he needed more pain killers.
We get to pick him up at 10am tomorrow YAY!!! But i will be away in Auckland for my brothers graduation, so hubby will have to pick baby up. But he has work later in the day, so we may have to ask someone to babysit Harvey while Simon is at work..hmmm we will see how he is when he comes home.

So it has been a very stressful last couple of days..hubby has a stressful meeting tonight about a workmates comments about him, which are really quite silly. Anyways, im off to go home now.

Will post pics of Harvey when hes home :)
Hope everyone has a good weekend

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