Sunday, April 10, 2011

Harvey is home

Harvey came home at 10am yesterday, and he is fine, obviously in pain from the operation to rebuild his hip, but ok. We have to give him a pain/anti inflammatory drops once a day, then an antibacterial pill twice a day. He is a bit calmer now that he has had his painkillers, he is just sleeping on my knee as i write this. He looks so sad..with his cone and scar..bit he is still my baby cat. We have to take him back on Monday evening so that the vet can have a look at his incision and check his stitches. Here are a few pictures of him this morning, he doesn't look too bad.

excuse my horrible morning face..

Harvey and his cool hat ;P

Look at me and my manly scars! Im so tough ;)

So well done Harvey for being so strong and tough :) We love you :)

Now off to finish the washing, and try and not disturb the cat in the mean time - he has to rest most of the day (but still walk around enough to keep his hip working)



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